Contract management and administration

CES delivers all functions associated with contract administration. These functions include an understanding of all the major components of the contract. The components can include delivery dates, disbursement dates and amounts and terms to accept or dissolve the agreement. Contract administrators often will include the means by which to measure the performance of both parties to determine if they are meeting their obligations, as well as procedures to monitor the performance of both parties.

We go further be managing the contracts when parties have entered into a contract. CES Contract managers ensure all parties involved in the contract meet their obligations as quickly and effectively as possible. These managers make sure that each party has the equipment, personnel and expertise they need to deliver the expected results and provides adequate value for their compensation. Contract managers also work out any required modifications to existing contracts.

Conditions of contract:

  • NEC - New Engineering Contract
  • FIDIC - International Federation of Consulting Engineers
  • JBCC - Joint Building Contracts Committee
  • GCC (General Conditions of Contracct)
  • DPD

In addition, we have undertaken the administration of bespoke contracts as compiled by our Clients.